The ZeroSprechi effects:

1. Economic and productive impact:

•          Improvement of the stone fruit production quality and quantity, optimizing the pesticide use for the brown rot control and obtaining fruits with a longer shelf life;

•          Rationalization of the fungicides use, reduced risk of pesticides residues.

2. Environmental and social impact in the main stone fruit areas of the Marche Region, “Valdaso” and “Valle del Foglia”, thanks to the pesticides reduction (according to the AAA “Valdaso” and “Valle del Foglia”) and to lower fruit wastes (the post-harvest loss reduction is one of the priority of ONU 2030– Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the goal to halve FAO and EU food wastes within 2030).

Summing up the ZeroSprechi innovations will allow to produce better quality stone fruits employing less pesticides.