Lead partner

Mazzoni Stefano Farm

In 2016 Stefano Mazzoni started the farming business taking over the family run company from his father Pietro Mazzoni. Over the years both farms have proved to be highly sensitive to innovation technology and to crop protection taking part to several research and experimental programs carried out by ASSAM, other associations and local authorities within the fruit growing sector. Due to the farmers’ long-running interest in integrated crop management, they joined the “Asso Valley environmental Agreement”.

The farm size is about 10 ha with three fruit species: apple, apricot and largely peach. The peach orchard is about eight ha wide. Thanks to the wide 36 peach cultivars, the farm can profit from a three months harvest-time from June to September. The 10 apricot-cultivars have been introduced lately (2016) on 0,8 ha. Its harvest time goes from end May to end August.

The final product is sold to the local wholesalers and harvested in several steps so to guarantee a proper ripening to the final consumer.

An innovative irrigation system has been introduced in some areas and it will be extended to the entire farm, in order to reduce water wastes.

As the peach trees have been grown since the 60s’, therefore the Mazzoni Stefano farm has become an expert manager in this species, also due to the particularly fertile lands of the Asso Valley, one of the most suited areas as far as soil and climate conditions.


“Baronciani Luciano and Marino” Ltd.

The simple farm Ltd. “Baronciani Luciano and Marino” is located in the municipality of Pesaro and is 04.26.38 ha large.

The entire organic production is compliant with the Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 organic production and labelling of organic products.

The farm was founded 2014 by Baronciani Marino, Baronciani Luciano e Baronciani Luca, respectively grandfather, father and son.

The entire fruit production is based on the over 60-year-long fruit grower Baronciani Marino’ expertise and it is mainly focused in the typical Montelabbate peaches. The traditional fruit farming techniques have been innovated through organic production, drop irrigation systems and anti-insect protection nets.

Due to the high value and quality of the Montelabbate peaches, the orchard has been recently enlarged

Moreover to reduce the high water consumption, due to the low efficiency of the current irrigation system, a new innovative irrigation system has been added to the farm budget.

The farm “Baronciani Luciano and Marino” is partner of the “Valle del Foglia” producers association, whose main aim is the enhancement of certified quality farm products, as peaches.


Acciarri Farm (L.L.C.)

The Acciarri Società Agricola S.r.l (L.L.C.) is located in Ortezzano (FM), along the Aso Valley.

The company covers about 70 ha, out of which 50 ha are made up of orchards and 20 ha of arable land. The production line is mainly fruit and the cultivated species are peach, apricot, cherry, apple, pear and kiwi actinidia.

Peach is the most representative species of the company, with a total of 27 cultivars (10 yellow-fleshed peach cultivars, 8 yellow-flesh nectarines, 9 white-fleshed platicarps) spread over about 19 ha. The company has recently expanded due to the purchase of a further 20 ha to be planted as orchard.

The company membership to the Aso Valley Agri-environmental Agreement, allowed to drastically reduce the quantity and number of phytosanitary treatments by means of sexual confusion. The fruit is directly stored in the company warehouse and, after being selected by the staff, it is straight sold by the company or delivered to the large-scale distribution. In the last years, the company has invested in innovative cultivation methods, thus improving its efficient use of resources, reducing wastes and be environmentally friendly.

In the field of scientific research, a collaboration has been started with the Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM). The experiments carried out in the UNIVPM facilities aimed at reducing polluting inputs and characterizing the varieties present in the company, so to assess which of them is sustainable for the Valdaso Valley.


University and research bodies

Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM)

The Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) was established in 1971 as the University of Ancona, and in 2003, it modified its name to the current form to stress its scientific and technological mission and vision. UNIVPM offers, in a stimulating and comfortable environment, excellent study and research facilities, which are located on three main campuses in Ancona. UNIVPM has about 17,000 students across five Faculties (Engineering, Science, Economic Sciences, Medicine, Agricultural Sciences), and its staff is made of about 550 academics and 550 technical/administrative employees. Out of the 12 UNIVPM Departments, 5 were ranked as “excellent” by the Italian Ministry of Research and Universities (MIUR), which funded UNIVP with €30 million to promote research and education. UNIVPM has increased its presence at a European level thanks to the high standard of its research and the industrial collaborations in research, development and innovation. In the previous European Research and Innovation Framework (FP7) and in the current one (Horizon2020) UNIVPM has secured funding for more than 115 EU projects with a total budget of over €25 million, and was coordinator of 20 projects. The Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (D3A) of UNIVPM focuses on several aspects related to management of agricultural products and food sciences, with specific studies in the Plant Protection sector, where the teams of Plant pathology and Entomology, and Fruit tree production are active. It has gained a considerable experience in coordinating international (including EU-funded), national and regional research projects. The Plant pathology team has a long-lasting knowledge in the management of postharvest decay of fresh fruit through the application of environmentally friendly means, as alternatives to synthetic fungicides, thus using natural compounds, physical means and biocontrol agents. The Entomology team is skilled in monitoring pests, including fruit flies, and setting up control measures. The Fruit tree production team has a comprehensive experience in the evaluation of fruit quality.


Agency for Agro-food Sector Services of the Marche Region (ASSAM)

The Agency for Agro-food Sector Services of the Marche Region (ASSAM), established by Regional Law N. 9 of 14/01/1997, is a public economic authority, regional reference for innovation in agriculture and connection point between the production system and scientific research.

Cooperating with Universities and Research centres, it takes part in several projects in different agronomic sectors (cereal, wine, fruit and olive growing, horticultural, industrial crops) focusing on organic crops, precision farming and forestry. It provides certification and traceability services, analysis of agri-food products, agrometeorological services, soil and pest management tools.

The Agency includes the Regional Plant Protection Service (PPS) that is part of the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO). It is responsible for the correct application of the phytosanitary legislation at regional level, so it implements measures against the introduction and spread of pests on plants and plant products, according to the International Convention on Plant Protection and related application rules.

To preserve high qualitative agricultural products and safeguard the environment, the conservation of the plant production chain implies preventive control and eradication measures of harmful organisms.

Therefore in addition to specialist advice, certification, control and laboratory services, the RPPO provides trade surveillance by means of import, export and national and European trade controls.




Via dell’ Industria 1- 60027 Osimo Stazione(AN)

Telephone: +39 071 8081

Fax: +39 071 85979

e-mail: info@assam.marche.it

certified e-mail: assam@emarche.it



Marche Region Regional Plant Protection Organization c/o A.S.S.A.M.

Via dell’ Industria 1- 60027 Osimo Stazione(AN)

Telephone: +39 071 808334

Email: fit@assam.marche.it




Agricolae Cooperative Society

The “Agricolae Cooperative Society” was established in 2008 and it provides consulting, training and information services to the agri-food sector. Since then the Society has been taking part in experimental projects funded by the 2007/2013 as well as by the 2014/2020 Marche Region Rural Development Programmes. Agricolae’ s role in the ZeroSprechi project is to design, coordinate and promote activities. The Cooperative is currently partner in the supply chain project (progetto di filiera agroalimentare) and it agrees to the Marche Region Agri-environmental Agreements of the Piceno area.


The “Foglia Valley” (Valle del Foglia) producers association

The social objective of the “Foglia Valley producers association” is the promotion of supply chain projects regarding partner farms’ products, by means of a quality-control-systems network. The promoted farm productions belong to the winegrowing, horticultural, fruit, olive-culture, dairy, cereal and agro-energy sectors. Moreover the Association provides its partners with education and training services as well technical assistance.

The Association was lead partner of the 2011 expression of interest for the local supply chain “Foglia Valley: the quality products enhancing the territory”. Its aim was to create a synergic highlight of the certified-quality farm products, their territory, cultural and historical traditions.

The “Montelabbate peach” is the core product of the entire supply chain, which is grown in the low Foglia Valley and mainly in the municipalities of Montelabbate, S. Angelo in Lizzola and Colbordolo di Vallefoglia and part of the neighboring municipality of Pesaro.

Since 2011 the peach grower partners of the “Foglia Valley” chain have been joining the regional quality label Qm (Marche Quality) which further certifies the product quality according to the regional integrated pest control. Since 2013 peaches are marketed with the label “Pesca di Montelabbate Qm”.

In addition, a temporary joint venture was created with the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) within the project “Cooperation for the development of new products, processes and technologies”. Its goal is a 3-year-research project to compare the main grown varieties in the Foglia Valley and to implement useful technical innovations to qualify and renovate fish farming.

In 2016 the Association became lead partner “Foglia Valley” Agri-environmental Agreement (AAA) of the Marche Region made of 28 farms. In the same year it joined the “River Foglia Agreement”. Lastly, since 2017, the Association is lead partner of the “Local supply chains= the healthy fruit of the Marche Region”, which consists of 28 fruit growers, who certify their own peach, aprichot, cherry, plum, apple, pear and kiwi productions.